Daily Grind

Daily Grind.

How exciting – a new indie dyer right here in RVA! Can’t wait to see what she comes up with 🙂


Happiest of New Years Wishes to you!

Today finds me at work, like I was on Christmas Eve also.  I know, at least I have a job and benefits and … .

Knitting:  several WIPs are now Finished Objects:  Red, slouchy hat for Melia mainly, but also a  Downton Cowl (for me) using the lovely Sunrise Fibers Vintage DK in Black Cat color.

Dogs:  all are healthy, annoying and fine! LOL – Tico has suffered a couple of seizures lately; maybe it’s the excitement from the holidays and us coming and going more often? IDK.

Stella: taken up residence next door since we went to Seattle – need to do something about that!

Friends:  Prayers out to Jo who is in JW for the second time in a week – our thoughts are with her and her girls.  Kudos to Beth P who had eye surgery and is singing its praises!

Cousins:  Have not seen enough family lately — guess I’ll have to come up with an event soon, if possible 🙂

Happy New Year all … may 2014 bring us good health, better habits and more of whatever it is that each of us wants or needs!

O C E A N – have you taken this test?

No, this is not a spam post. I wanted to remember where this test was located on the www and also thought some folks might find this interesting.


Knitting oh yes!

What are you working on?  If you’re like me, several things are on your needles… so much so that you have to buy more needles, but we won’t go there!  I have 98% completed my Sideways Ty-Dy vest (links not working today for some unknown reason but you may look it up on Ravelry if you’d like). 


All that is needed is a loop and button… and possibly a single crochet around the neckline (?), but I want to get opinions on that before making a decision… what do you think?

Next project up is inspired by Laura Aylor’s Sunstruck KAL Shawl and one knit by another Raveler and named “Darkside” Image

My version will have the solid black positioned like above but the other panels will be fleshed out by Mini Mochi’s Bodega Bay and Rainbow Trout.  I am only about 1/2 way through the first panel – here is a glimpse of the first few rows:


I am really looking forward to seeing how this comes out.

Another project on my needles is a MKAL (Mystery Knit-a-long) offered by Cindy Garland and titled “the summer of …”.  If you are not familiar with how an MKAL works, it operates like this: the pattern author releases predetermined snippets of the pattern at regular intervals. Folks receive each snippet and knit it up, just as written, without any idea of what the finished project will look like!  There are 208 shawls being knit in this particular KAL – with 208 different yarn combinations – kinda fun!

Not surprisingly, I did not come up with a new name for myself (see previous post) – I have been Bonaircat for a long time and Bonaircat I will remain in cyberland.

I’ll try to post more regularly – fortunately I have had a TNKer who I meet for lunch each week who I can talk about projects with.  She is in Myrtle Beach this week with her family.  I don’t make it regularly to Wednesday Night Knitting, but I am trying to go every other week.  These knitting chicks are great and I am glad they let me knit with them!  My TNK buds are just a little too far off my newly beaten path to visit with on Tuesdays anymore.


New name?

My knitting buds tell me that I have to get myself a new name for Ravelry and just about everywhere else b/c I don’t live in Bon Air any more and have not now for almost two years.

But what about Catknit? It’s a play on catnip and my initials… but wanted to incorporate my obsession with knitting… is probably already taken on Rav, and do I really want a new name??

Ok, so, if I do decide to change my knick-kname, what should my new name be? [The ‘cat’ part doesn’t want to change since C.A.T. are my initials.]

I work in downtown Richmond.

My son is no longer a little boy.

I have hobbies (actually probably more of them than I should).

I am moving to a new part of the Richmond metro area in a month or so (Colonial Heights, google it, ok?).

I live with a wonderful man who I like to call my very own.

I have a great family, not to mention a great BIG family (lots of aunts, uncles and literally millions of cousins – ok, not literally, but you know what I mean). 

I enjoy my pets. I like to eat, cook and read recipes.

I could go on, but won’t. 

So, comment please with new name ideas.  The task is daunting to me and I can’t come up with anything that seems to fit me correctly!


Some of you know that recently I have had to make some changes in my daily routine; one of those being that I have changed the way I eat. I want to live a long, healthy life and one of the things that medical professionals have suggested is that I drop some weight. In order to do that, I have to eat better so that I feel better. Going public is one of my first steps… over the past two weeks, I have lost 4 pounds… does not sound like much, but it is a start! Yeah, me!

Created by MyFitnessPal – Free Calorie Counter

I have posted this little ticker on the right side too. If you are not familiar with the site, check it out – the only thing you might lose is some weight.

October 16 – Rhinebeck – Sunday dawns lovely

We slept in an extra hour today; the festival did not open until 10:00 on Sunday.

Having made our lists Saturday night, and checked them twice on Sunday morning, we were again off.

Since we wanted just as good a parking space as the one we got on Saturday, we parked and waited for the fun to begin.

{since I started this draft back in October, I will go ahead and post … sorry not a better account of the last day…}

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