Monday, Monday

Good weekend – nothing we HAD to do! Yay!  I knitted on the sock (had to do the heel twice though), did a little housework and shopping with H2B… it was pretty relaxing, but I couldn’t sleep last night for some reason (actually for about 7 reasons: one man snoring, one kitty mewing and 5 sets of restless doggie paws and bladders)… go figure, huh?!

Friday evening we started out with a quick dinner with DSS (that would be dear stepson Ant) at Don Pepe, one of our new favorites.  You can read a T-D review here if you wish.  Like the review says, cordial friendly staff, predictably good food and inexpensive – what more can you want?  We’ve eaten at both the location on Midlo and on Hull Street and both are equally delicious.

Loving finding good deals on paperbacks, H2B and I hit several thrift stores on our circuit:  Diversity, Fan and the Habitat For Humanity Re-store.   Can’t beat the prices – and Diversity Thrift’s books are … alphabetized and categorized! I love it!

While at Diversity, we ran into one of my numerous cousins; nothing unusual if you’ve heard me talk about my family any, but what was unusual is that it was one of my cousins from my dad’s side of the family – my first cousin BC.  BC and I are, as I said, first cousins – his mom and my dad were siblings and he and I are almost exactly one month apart in age (he’s older).  Our moms used to tell us that we should have been born closer together but BC was impatient and came 2 weeks early and I was procrastinating (imagine that?) and was 2 weeks late.   Our older sisters were born close together too – about six months separate them in age.  We always had a great time when the families got together, which was as often as they could manage with my dad being in the Army.  I loved staying at their house because my Aunt Cissy (BC’s mom) was a great and prolific cook – if she did not have enough leftovers for at least another entire meal, for the entire group, then she had not made enough to begin with!  Seriously, she was a cook extraordinare!  And the dads – when they got together, we never knew what was gonna happen because they loved to party together and the more the merrier.  We’d all be sitting around eating (because we could not fit at one table) and Aunt Cissy would still be running around, warming things, refilling things, putting more things out, washing pans, you name it!  Good times.

Our loss of H2B’s mom three weeks ago today has sent me down memory lane I guess.   I know he is hurting so much, and I know that time is the only thing that will help.

Since wordy posts are no fun, here’s a photo for you right out of Memory Lane —

My dad & his Cissy