Stuff for others and ice cube trays

When we visited Knitting Sisters the other day, I found a cute pattern for baby booties laying on a table in the conversation area – they kinda looked like baby moccasins!  How cute is that, right?  Well, you tell me – I knit these up for a co-worker’s shower.
Did I mention that I have two co-workers expecting babies, both of whom are over (ahem, sorry) 40 and both of whom have no other kids? I applaud them, but I do not envy them having their first after attaining such wisdom.  I have to say, in all fairness, both ladies have very involved husbands so that’s a plus!

My only other FO lately was a hat, also for a co-worker (who is battling leukemia)…. If you have any extra space in your prayers, please add James – it is looking like he will need all the positive energy we can send his way.

When we moved into the ‘new’ house in September, the ice-maker in the freezer was iffy for some reason.  Since it only sends unfrozen water onto the floor and no cubes into the tray, I have turned it off, perhaps permanently unless someone finds a remedy.  To that end, though, we still need ice so I went in search of ice trays….  Kroger had them – for a whopping $2.60 plus each (did not buy these).  I thought for sure Big Lots would carry them… I mean, it’s Big Lots, right?? They have all kinds of good house-hold-y stuff.  But nope; they did not have them.  I finally found the elusive icetrays, but was surprised that so few stores had them (and no, I most certainly didn’t pay $2.60+ each) … I guess we’re just an icemaker kind of region… who knew?   I thought icemakers were a luxury but I guess not any more (except to us!).

I loves these little lime green, yellow daisy bearing booties! IMG00062-20110223-0820.jpg