SIP – part 2

View 2 sock 2

Sock 2 in progress

Coming along nicely, if I say so myself! I think that heel gusset is wonderful looking (kind of a pain to knit, but definitely worth the time).

Happy Thanksgiving all – be sure to appreciate all that you have; I know I do.  Thanks for reading along with me.


SIP report

Sock in progress

Here’s the progress as of lunch yesterday:
I got about another 1/2 to 1″ done last night! Yay – I almost have a whole sock : )

works in progress

I am working on a sock – I’d say a pair of socks, but I am afraid of jinxing myself!

I am also working on the last vest – it is a great project combining entrelac and modular knitting.  I have less than 10 more little blocks to knit, then I move on up to the shoulders and yoke area, which is a little intimidating since I will have to pick up who knows how many stitches in order to do so.

I need to look at the photo of the finished project again and get my self psyched up for it.

Today is Friday, obviously.   Some weeks seem longer than others and this has been one of those.  My dear H2B (husband to be) has been visiting his dad this week, so I have not had my dear best friend to goof around with in the evenings and DS (dear son) has worked each night or had plans… so it has been me and the fur babies all week.

A date has been set for the celebration of Anna’s life (ie, memorial service) – November 6.  I am glad that there is a date now because everyone needs to work through that milestone so they can begin healing.  Having lost my mother almost 10 years ago, I know that you never completely get over losing those you love, but the traditions are there for a reason – they help those left behind move forward, away from just existing and getting by.

We don’t have any plans to go out of town this weekend – it is the first weekend I’ve been able to say that for a very long time, and it is an exciting prospect!  We do have more schtuff to bring over to Woodland Heights from Bon Air, but that’s a good chore!   Also, St. Christopher’s School is having a fall festival with crafters and our good friends at TG Designs will be there vending – I hope we can stop by and say hi.   You should too; I know they’d be glad to see familiar faces in the crowd.