Happiest of New Years Wishes to you!

Today finds me at work, like I was on Christmas Eve also.  I know, at least I have a job and benefits and … .

Knitting:  several WIPs are now Finished Objects:  Red, slouchy hat for Melia mainly, but also a  Downton Cowl (for me) using the lovely Sunrise Fibers Vintage DK in Black Cat color.

Dogs:  all are healthy, annoying and fine! LOL – Tico has suffered a couple of seizures lately; maybe it’s the excitement from the holidays and us coming and going more often? IDK.

Stella: taken up residence next door since we went to Seattle – need to do something about that!

Friends:  Prayers out to Jo who is in JW for the second time in a week – our thoughts are with her and her girls.  Kudos to Beth P who had eye surgery and is singing its praises!

Cousins:  Have not seen enough family lately — guess I’ll have to come up with an event soon, if possible 🙂

Happy New Year all … may 2014 bring us good health, better habits and more of whatever it is that each of us wants or needs!


O C E A N – have you taken this test?

No, this is not a spam post. I wanted to remember where this test was located on the www and also thought some folks might find this interesting.


New name?

My knitting buds tell me that I have to get myself a new name for Ravelry and just about everywhere else b/c I don’t live in Bon Air any more and have not now for almost two years.

But what about Catknit? It’s a play on catnip and my initials… but wanted to incorporate my obsession with knitting… is probably already taken on Rav, and do I really want a new name??

Ok, so, if I do decide to change my knick-kname, what should my new name be? [The ‘cat’ part doesn’t want to change since C.A.T. are my initials.]

I work in downtown Richmond.

My son is no longer a little boy.

I have hobbies (actually probably more of them than I should).

I am moving to a new part of the Richmond metro area in a month or so (Colonial Heights, google it, ok?).

I live with a wonderful man who I like to call my very own.

I have a great family, not to mention a great BIG family (lots of aunts, uncles and literally millions of cousins – ok, not literally, but you know what I mean). 

I enjoy my pets. I like to eat, cook and read recipes.

I could go on, but won’t. 

So, comment please with new name ideas.  The task is daunting to me and I can’t come up with anything that seems to fit me correctly!

October 16 – Rhinebeck – Sunday dawns lovely

We slept in an extra hour today; the festival did not open until 10:00 on Sunday.

Having made our lists Saturday night, and checked them twice on Sunday morning, we were again off.

Since we wanted just as good a parking space as the one we got on Saturday, we parked and waited for the fun to begin.

{since I started this draft back in October, I will go ahead and post … sorry not a better account of the last day…}

Knitting Doghair

Not really – but sometimes it seems that for every stitch I take, dog hair gets woven into the fabric of whatever I am working on!  It is especially apparent to me while working on Sewanee.

Aren’t we our own worst critics?

Wow – it’s been awhile!

Sorry – what can we say? Busy – aren’t we all? I am sure you are as much so as I am.

Last night, we had dinner at Maggiano’s for my son’s 19th birthday dinner.  It was fun and delicious – so  big hit on all fronts!  Tom said that his meal was the ‘best thing’ he had ‘ever eaten’!

If they had only had his favorite dessert, it would have been a 100% success… as it was, it was a 99.5% success I think : )  This is a borrowed photo, so I hope I am not infringing on anyone’s copyrights….

Knitting – I have been working on several projects, but one of my favorites has been Veera Valimaki’s Stripe Study Shawl.  Here’s a WIP photo of mine:


Pretty, isn’t it?  I am almost out of the variegated so I will be ending up soon.

I have several FO’s to show too! Yay! Here’s Cabigail, which is knit with Plymouth Mushishi: cabigail pre-washing pre-blocking

And here are several little bunny blankets for coworkers’ new babies:


Stuff for others and ice cube trays

When we visited Knitting Sisters the other day, I found a cute pattern for baby booties laying on a table in the conversation area – they kinda looked like baby moccasins!  How cute is that, right?  Well, you tell me – I knit these up for a co-worker’s shower.
Did I mention that I have two co-workers expecting babies, both of whom are over (ahem, sorry) 40 and both of whom have no other kids? I applaud them, but I do not envy them having their first after attaining such wisdom.  I have to say, in all fairness, both ladies have very involved husbands so that’s a plus!

My only other FO lately was a hat, also for a co-worker (who is battling leukemia)…. If you have any extra space in your prayers, please add James – it is looking like he will need all the positive energy we can send his way.

When we moved into the ‘new’ house in September, the ice-maker in the freezer was iffy for some reason.  Since it only sends unfrozen water onto the floor and no cubes into the tray, I have turned it off, perhaps permanently unless someone finds a remedy.  To that end, though, we still need ice so I went in search of ice trays….  Kroger had them – for a whopping $2.60 plus each (did not buy these).  I thought for sure Big Lots would carry them… I mean, it’s Big Lots, right?? They have all kinds of good house-hold-y stuff.  But nope; they did not have them.  I finally found the elusive icetrays, but was surprised that so few stores had them (and no, I most certainly didn’t pay $2.60+ each) … I guess we’re just an icemaker kind of region… who knew?   I thought icemakers were a luxury but I guess not any more (except to us!).

I loves these little lime green, yellow daisy bearing booties! IMG00062-20110223-0820.jpg

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