Sock and Friday update

SIP – report: sorry no photos yet, but Sock 1 is done!

Friday’s agenda was work for a couple of hours, leave early to attend Court with son (remember the he-got-hit-by-a-car-while-riding-his-bicycle-and-he-got-ticketed incidence?), then a doctor appointment for an earache at 2:45. Sounds simple, right?

Leaving southside we get on I95 at the Maury Road exit. Go approximately a mile and BOOM ! Thunk thunk…. there was an iron I-beam laying in the center lane of the highway – it was either hit the object in the road or swerve and cause major accident as tractor trailers and other vehicles were zooming on both sides of us! We pull over, call 911, and wait. And wait. It’s 11:20 and court is at noon. I make some calls and make sure DS is covered (fortunately former boss Steve was already retained to be present). Two hours plus later, we’re still sitting on the side of interstate 95 south, with two flat tires waiting for the two truck my auto insurance company called. He finally arrives about 1:50 and takes us to the rental car place*. Our car, my little Kn1tty kitty, is taken to Whitten Bros. Body shop for a good thorough looking over and repair. (cross fingers b/c she did not want to keep running and is listing badly toward the right side).

And, get this:  at least 10 other cars were damaged the State Police told us!

I made my doctor appointment on time (found out I have a skin infection inside my ear canal, not a ruptured eardrum; TMI? sorry!) and did need antibiotics. Get Rx, eat some lunch, go to the grocery store and finally get back home about 6 pm. Whew what a day!

How was your Friday?

*Rental car you ask? Yes, after the triple roll-over of a couple of years ago, I added roadside assistance and rental car coverage to the auto insurance package. So should you!!