October 16 – Rhinebeck – Sunday dawns lovely

We slept in an extra hour today; the festival did not open until 10:00 on Sunday.

Having made our lists Saturday night, and checked them twice on Sunday morning, we were again off.

Since we wanted just as good a parking space as the one we got on Saturday, we parked and waited for the fun to begin.

{since I started this draft back in October, I will go ahead and post … sorry not a better account of the last day…}


October 14 – Friday – Rhinebeck NY first full day

Woke up to more drizzle and a little chill – which chill did not last all day (the drizzle did though).  We had coffee (or tea as the case may be) and a little breakfast (fiber cereal – yum!), then readied ourselves to check out downtown Rhinebeck!

Can you see the shiny sidewalks?  We visited the Rhinebeck Department Store (great if you need some Pendleton clothing or view a moosehead), Stickle’s and several other shops along the way.  Stickle’s was originally bought by the current owner’s grandparents in 1946 and served as the town’s Five and Dime for years – the front part of the store still serves that purpose, while the back room, actually The Knitting Garage, is an LYS! Yes – a lovely little yarn store with local and national yarns and notions! Totally unexpected.  We enjoyed looking at all the thises and thats in the Five and Dime and discovered some low cost, quality knitting kneedles (I think all of us, or at least 3 of us, bought some sizes we’d been wanting and needing).  If I could remember the name of the brand, I’d say it – but it is not coming to me right now!


Rhinebeck Department Store's mascot








Our late lunch at the Village Pizza place made dinner not an option, so we enjoyed another night of knitting, visiting and baseball playoff viewing (believe it or not!).


Since the Festival started at 9 am sharp the next morning and we wanted to get there early for a good parking space, we planned out some shopping strategies (some of us more than others) and hit the hay with visions of yarn skeins dancing in our heads!


FO Monday – better than faux Monday… (what’s she talking about?)

I don’t know – just humor her : )

Here’s a photo of the Study in Blues & Greens Shawl I was working on (before washing & before any blockage):


Unfortunately the colors did not come out correctly – the colors are more accurate in the photo from my last post.  I loved working on this shawl – short rows are just fun!

Now I am working on (again) the Taos Vest (link is to Ravelry so I hope you are able to take a peek).  I started it in a different weight and color scheme and it was just not right… you know what I mean?  So, off to the frog pond it went!  Now I am using Noro Silver Thaw and am hoping it comes out more like I am wanting…

Saturday, my sweet fiance and I got a wild hair because we could not go to the River in the extreme heat (predicted heat index in the 100s) so we went to Culpepper instead to visit Dog House Yarns & More.  The company was great and so was the visit.  Only downside was the horrendous thunderstorm that attacked us when were almost home … had to pull over several times so we could actually see the road in front of us!  If you have not been, you need to go – it will be worth it!

Knitting Sisters and brush fires!

When I get together with my knitter friends, we never know what’s gonna happen.  Yesterday six of us from Richmond met two from the 460 corridor and one from Williamsburg for a visit to Knitting Sisters and lunch.  Knitting Sisters was a joy as always; the only thing missing was getting to visit with Cathy (one of the owners) – she must have taken a well-deserved Saturday off with her kids.

Manos loveliness

We ooo’d and ahh’d over all the new spring / summer yarns and patterns and generally enjoyed each others’ company.

Hi y'all

I want these...

For lunch we headed somewhere I had never been in Williamsburg, despite growing up in the general area; what a treat!  Have you been to Chickahominy House?  I had ham biscuits like the ones my grandmother used to make, a piece of cherry crumb pie (mom memory there) and lots of good conversation and laughter.  Emmy said that the coconut pie was the best she’d ever had.   Two of our group are vegetarians and the restaurant was ready for them with meatless Brunswick Stew and cheese biscuits (not on the menu, but not a problem).

My camera was out of internal memory at this point (where is that doggone memory card??), so no more ‘real’ photos to upload… : (

On our ride back to Richmond, which should have been a breeze since it’s less than an hour away, we ran into one of the MANY brush fires plaguing our area right now – we had to leave the interstate and resume travel home via Route 60 west from Bottoms Bridge (which incidentally is where the interstate used to end when I was a little girl).

We must have gotten there just as it got going because the authorities were not organized yet – cars all over the interstate and overpass, smoke, flames, emergency vehicles arriving, oh and the SMOKE everywhere… it was wild for a little while when we didn’t know what was really happening yet (incidentally, since we are real knitters, all three of us in our vehicle pulled out our knitting and knitted while we figured out if we had to get ourselves off the highway or if someone else was going to start diverting cars to safety).  Being intrepid souls, our driver Linda did a 360 (well, ok, about a 340) and drove us back to an oh so close exit ramp.  Once we got over the highway and heading toward Route 60, it was clear – almost making us wonder if we really had just driven within feet of flames!

Pretty Green Jacket