Happiest of New Years Wishes to you!

Today finds me at work, like I was on Christmas Eve also.  I know, at least I have a job and benefits and … .

Knitting:  several WIPs are now Finished Objects:  Red, slouchy hat for Melia mainly, but also a  Downton Cowl (for me) using the lovely Sunrise Fibers Vintage DK in Black Cat color.

Dogs:  all are healthy, annoying and fine! LOL – Tico has suffered a couple of seizures lately; maybe it’s the excitement from the holidays and us coming and going more often? IDK.

Stella: taken up residence next door since we went to Seattle – need to do something about that!

Friends:  Prayers out to Jo who is in JW for the second time in a week – our thoughts are with her and her girls.  Kudos to Beth P who had eye surgery and is singing its praises!

Cousins:  Have not seen enough family lately — guess I’ll have to come up with an event soon, if possible 🙂

Happy New Year all … may 2014 bring us good health, better habits and more of whatever it is that each of us wants or needs!


New name?

My knitting buds tell me that I have to get myself a new name for Ravelry and just about everywhere else b/c I don’t live in Bon Air any more and have not now for almost two years.

But what about Catknit? It’s a play on catnip and my initials… but wanted to incorporate my obsession with knitting… is probably already taken on Rav, and do I really want a new name??

Ok, so, if I do decide to change my knick-kname, what should my new name be? [The ‘cat’ part doesn’t want to change since C.A.T. are my initials.]

I work in downtown Richmond.

My son is no longer a little boy.

I have hobbies (actually probably more of them than I should).

I am moving to a new part of the Richmond metro area in a month or so (Colonial Heights, google it, ok?).

I live with a wonderful man who I like to call my very own.

I have a great family, not to mention a great BIG family (lots of aunts, uncles and literally millions of cousins – ok, not literally, but you know what I mean). 

I enjoy my pets. I like to eat, cook and read recipes.

I could go on, but won’t. 

So, comment please with new name ideas.  The task is daunting to me and I can’t come up with anything that seems to fit me correctly!

210 days and hitting the road

In October, 2011, several of us are going here:

I can hardly wait!

Stuff for others and ice cube trays

When we visited Knitting Sisters the other day, I found a cute pattern for baby booties laying on a table in the conversation area – they kinda looked like baby moccasins!  How cute is that, right?  Well, you tell me – I knit these up for a co-worker’s shower.
Did I mention that I have two co-workers expecting babies, both of whom are over (ahem, sorry) 40 and both of whom have no other kids? I applaud them, but I do not envy them having their first after attaining such wisdom.  I have to say, in all fairness, both ladies have very involved husbands so that’s a plus!

My only other FO lately was a hat, also for a co-worker (who is battling leukemia)…. If you have any extra space in your prayers, please add James – it is looking like he will need all the positive energy we can send his way.

When we moved into the ‘new’ house in September, the ice-maker in the freezer was iffy for some reason.  Since it only sends unfrozen water onto the floor and no cubes into the tray, I have turned it off, perhaps permanently unless someone finds a remedy.  To that end, though, we still need ice so I went in search of ice trays….  Kroger had them – for a whopping $2.60 plus each (did not buy these).  I thought for sure Big Lots would carry them… I mean, it’s Big Lots, right?? They have all kinds of good house-hold-y stuff.  But nope; they did not have them.  I finally found the elusive icetrays, but was surprised that so few stores had them (and no, I most certainly didn’t pay $2.60+ each) … I guess we’re just an icemaker kind of region… who knew?   I thought icemakers were a luxury but I guess not any more (except to us!).

I loves these little lime green, yellow daisy bearing booties! IMG00062-20110223-0820.jpg

Done and started again

They are done!  Actually, I finished them up on the 26th – check ’em out and let me know what you think, ok?

I have cast on for another pair of ‘me’ socks – this time using some lovely Kismet Sock Yarn from Serendipitious Ewe:

Kismet socks
Soo pretty and sssoft! Yesss, just loverly! I am using the same pattern used above with just a little modification here and there (decorative elements).

SIP – part 2

View 2 sock 2

Sock 2 in progress

Coming along nicely, if I say so myself! I think that heel gusset is wonderful looking (kind of a pain to knit, but definitely worth the time).

Happy Thanksgiving all – be sure to appreciate all that you have; I know I do.  Thanks for reading along with me.

Sock and Friday update

SIP – report: sorry no photos yet, but Sock 1 is done!

Friday’s agenda was work for a couple of hours, leave early to attend Court with son (remember the he-got-hit-by-a-car-while-riding-his-bicycle-and-he-got-ticketed incidence?), then a doctor appointment for an earache at 2:45. Sounds simple, right?

Leaving southside we get on I95 at the Maury Road exit. Go approximately a mile and BOOM ! Thunk thunk…. there was an iron I-beam laying in the center lane of the highway – it was either hit the object in the road or swerve and cause major accident as tractor trailers and other vehicles were zooming on both sides of us! We pull over, call 911, and wait. And wait. It’s 11:20 and court is at noon. I make some calls and make sure DS is covered (fortunately former boss Steve was already retained to be present). Two hours plus later, we’re still sitting on the side of interstate 95 south, with two flat tires waiting for the two truck my auto insurance company called. He finally arrives about 1:50 and takes us to the rental car place*. Our car, my little Kn1tty kitty, is taken to Whitten Bros. Body shop for a good thorough looking over and repair. (cross fingers b/c she did not want to keep running and is listing badly toward the right side).

And, get this:  at least 10 other cars were damaged the State Police told us!

I made my doctor appointment on time (found out I have a skin infection inside my ear canal, not a ruptured eardrum; TMI? sorry!) and did need antibiotics. Get Rx, eat some lunch, go to the grocery store and finally get back home about 6 pm. Whew what a day!

How was your Friday?

*Rental car you ask? Yes, after the triple roll-over of a couple of years ago, I added roadside assistance and rental car coverage to the auto insurance package. So should you!!

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