October birthdays

Used to be, when I was little, that we celebrated Mom’s and Dad’s birthdays together because they were only two days apart.  After Dad died, we still celebrated Mom’s, then my grandparents would load up the Chrysler (or the Plymouth) and drive to the mountains for their annual one week trek through the hills to see the leaves.  My grandmother would drive so my grandfather could look … because, whether he was a passenger or the driver, he paid just the same amount of attention to the scenery instead of the road! My grandmother finally got smart and decided to be the designated driver so she did not have to worry about careening off an overlook or into a gorge!  I can’t get through October without thinking about them, all of them.  I never thought when I was growing up that when I was a grownup my parents and grandparents would not be around – I mean, my mom had her parents when she was a grownup!  My dad’s mom lived until she was in her 80’s as did mom’s mom.  Oh well – with fall comes the memories – and fond, though sad, smiles.

I know, you thought this blog was going to be about knitting so here’s a report:  I am knitting and knitting but have not completed anything lately!  During the summer I completed three vests, but one of them still needs to be sewn together at the side seams.  I have one more vest on the needles and a sock too.  We won’t go into how many other UFOs are floating around both the new house and the old house.

Reading-wise I just finished a good book – Blood Memory by Greg Iles.  I recommend if you like mysteries with twists and unexpected turns….

Here’s a fall photo I saw on the National Geographic website ages ago.  I still like it, so I hope they don’t mind me sharing it here.