Knitting Sisters and brush fires!

When I get together with my knitter friends, we never know what’s gonna happen.  Yesterday six of us from Richmond met two from the 460 corridor and one from Williamsburg for a visit to Knitting Sisters and lunch.  Knitting Sisters was a joy as always; the only thing missing was getting to visit with Cathy (one of the owners) – she must have taken a well-deserved Saturday off with her kids.

Manos loveliness

We ooo’d and ahh’d over all the new spring / summer yarns and patterns and generally enjoyed each others’ company.

Hi y'all

I want these...

For lunch we headed somewhere I had never been in Williamsburg, despite growing up in the general area; what a treat!  Have you been to Chickahominy House?  I had ham biscuits like the ones my grandmother used to make, a piece of cherry crumb pie (mom memory there) and lots of good conversation and laughter.  Emmy said that the coconut pie was the best she’d ever had.   Two of our group are vegetarians and the restaurant was ready for them with meatless Brunswick Stew and cheese biscuits (not on the menu, but not a problem).

My camera was out of internal memory at this point (where is that doggone memory card??), so no more ‘real’ photos to upload… : (

On our ride back to Richmond, which should have been a breeze since it’s less than an hour away, we ran into one of the MANY brush fires plaguing our area right now – we had to leave the interstate and resume travel home via Route 60 west from Bottoms Bridge (which incidentally is where the interstate used to end when I was a little girl).

We must have gotten there just as it got going because the authorities were not organized yet – cars all over the interstate and overpass, smoke, flames, emergency vehicles arriving, oh and the SMOKE everywhere… it was wild for a little while when we didn’t know what was really happening yet (incidentally, since we are real knitters, all three of us in our vehicle pulled out our knitting and knitted while we figured out if we had to get ourselves off the highway or if someone else was going to start diverting cars to safety).  Being intrepid souls, our driver Linda did a 360 (well, ok, about a 340) and drove us back to an oh so close exit ramp.  Once we got over the highway and heading toward Route 60, it was clear – almost making us wonder if we really had just driven within feet of flames!

Pretty Green Jacket



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. chanknits
    Feb 20, 2011 @ 11:55:59

    What fun – minus the brush fire. The Knight was out from noon yesterday until 8am today, and while he naps, more guys from our station and the rest of the county battle on. We desperately need RAIN and no winds.


  2. Christina
    Feb 20, 2011 @ 23:12:43

    I love Chickahominy House – it is like stepping back in time. Emmy is right about the coconut pie.


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