I did it again

I posted last about being recalcitrant about my blogging and here I’ve gone and done it again!  I have lots to say, as anyone who knows me knows, but I just don’t seem to be able to find the time to put my thoughts into cogent sentences!   (Chris would tease me about using my big girl vocabulary.)

We’re full into February now … and historically February has not been my best month for quite a few reasons:  lost both parents in February; finalized the dissolution of not one but TWO marriages in February.  Thank goodness it is a short month – if it were any longer, I just don’t know what might happen!  This February, 2011, marks the 10 year anniversary of my mother’s death.  It’s hard to believe that it has been 10 years; in many ways it seems like I talked with her  just the other day….  I am attending a wonderful faith-based program entitled GriefShare with my fiance Chris.  We sat in on a session back in the late fall and signed up for the next session (which started last night).  Grief is something you don’t and can’t plan for; it strikes when it does and how it does and everyone deals with it in their own way.  One situation that was discussed last night was the odd way some folks have of ‘comforting’ those who are grieving… somehow they think if they are chipper and advise you to ‘buck up’ it will help you make your way through grief quicker.  The only thing we came up with was those folks may not have possibly lost folks dear to their hearts before.  People die every day, but not everyone looses someone dear everyday (thank goodness, eh?).

Auto problems have been taking up a great deal of my time too… at the end of October we struck a renegade iron beam in the middle of I-95 – blowing out two tires and messing up the underside of the new car (2007 Kia Optima).  It was repaired by the shop suggested by our insurance company, but it just doesn’t feel right.  Doesn’t drive correctly and different idiot dash lights have come on and gone off.  In addition, T’s had massive difficulties with his little 1997 Honda Civic.  First it was the selonoid (?); then some belts, then the alternator – it took 3 returns to a local reputable auto supply shop to finally get a newly rebuilt one that actually worked! Talk about annoying… Then, once T and his dad (with the ongoing help of several other male relatives) got it running well again, the poor little car gets side-swiped in front of the house – with T and his Dad literally standing there enjoying the sound of a newly purring engine!

Knitting wise, I have started several projects and frogged several too – I have not completed anything lately and I need to remedy that soon!  I have so many ideas of things I want to knit and yarns I want to knit with that my creative juices are overflowing everywhere!
IMG00046-20110209-1458.jpg IMG00028-20110119-2117.jpg
LOL  Several TNKers are planning a few fiber-related day trips and one really cool trip to be disclosed later on once the details are worked out.

One such trip is a train ride to Alexandria to play at Fibre Space for a day.  The train station is less than a half-mile from the shop and there is much to see and do in this area (Old Towne Alexandra).  Did you know that if you have a group of train riders and you purchase your tickets en masse it is less expensive than booking each ticket separately?  It’s true!   I love the train and miss the days of riding to / from work along the Hudson River into Manhattan (1983-1985).  I don’t miss, though, getting up so early to catch said train on a freezing platform on the frigid Hudson River so it’s all a trade off!  On the flip side, I thought New York would be cooler and less humid than Virginia … boy was I wrong!  Not that far south it’s not!

Another trip is a quick jaunt to Williamsburg to visit the Knitting Sisters and have lunch too.

I am so thankful for my knitting / crafty / fiberish companions.  I big thank you to the universe for sending me along that path!

Project-wise, Chris and I are going to sign up to take a beginning rug hooking class in March at the annual Virginia RugFest… who knew, right? I didn’t!  I am hoping that we will both enjoy this and a N.C. knitter friend is providing a frame so we can figure out if we like this before any equipment is procured (equipment can be expensive, but what isn’t?).  I believe that 3 more knitter friends are also going to sign up for this class so it promises to be a good time for all.


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  1. chanknits
    Feb 10, 2011 @ 12:40:36

    Auto woes are no fun at all. I hope February is kind to you.

    I love Old Town. Enjoy!


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