Monday Monday – SFO report

Back to work after an eventful weekend… Saturday was the memorial for h2b’s mom… and it was lovely.  A close family friend put together a slideshow with photos of her from childhood in Bavaria to last Christmas and put it to music – it was grrr-eat.  Not a dry eye in the house.  He promises to put a copy on cds (dvds?) for the immediate family; looking forward to getting our copy.  I met one more of the Baltimore uncles — who ironically reminds me of one of my own uncles who died years ago, Uncle Phil.  Like Uncle Phil, this uncle is prickly (in the whisker area as well as personality-wise) and smells faintly of tobacco – he’s a hoot!  The only first cousin who came down was the one I’d met (and liked) before – there are several more who where unable to attend due to work demands.  I met Oma’s ‘girls’ from the night shift as well as her ‘girls’ from Master Gardener group.   Not surprisingly, I liked them all.   Most grandkids were present, the three natural born as well as 2 out of 3 by-marriage grandkids (my Tom drove down by himself as did A., who is Bigbrother’s stepson).  The day was beautiful, clear and cool – we could not have conjured up a better day for a drive to the country!  And actually, it was probably  much like the early fall days in and around Munich, before it gets cold.



Sock-wise, I completed my 2nd sock on Saturday night after we got home from Dinwiddie…. they are a little bit shorter than they should be, I think, but oh well… not too bad for my first pair for myself – I was just too anxious to complete them and put them on my feet!  I will now cast on for my 2nd pair and hopefully I will be less anxious and can make them taller!   Socks photos to come later … I popped in a photo I borrowed from the WWW add a little visual  interest!

Oh, and SFO you ask? Socks as Finished Objects, of course!


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  1. chanknits
    Nov 09, 2010 @ 10:55:01

    LOL! Congrats on your socks. I’m glad the memorial was such a positive remembrance of a woman who must have been well-loved.


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